How doo!


Im Jessy - Im a wedding and portrait photographer based In Boston Lincolnshire with my Hubsand Mark and three children.

Im originally from Middlesbrough - So yes - I have a dodgy northern accent!


Creating beautiful images is not only my career, its my passion. 


I’ve always been a very creative person,  if I’m drawing, making or painting something then I’m happy.

Straight from school I decided I wanted to be a nurse, after all 16 year olds know what they want to do with the rest of their lives- right? .. ok maybe not...

So, after doing A Levels in Human biology, Psychology, Computer Science and Fine art, my psychology teacher said to me one day "Jess, why don’t you just do what you love and go to art school? You spend all my lectures sat drawing, it's obvious what you want to do with your life" so I did.

I did a foundation degree in fine art, and chose illustration and photography as my sidelines – thus my love for photography was born!  still going strong..


How I Work..

Ive always believed that the best way to capture a wedding is to be involved, but from a distance.

As strange as it sounds, I don't want people to remember me capturing photographs of them. I want the photographs to be as natural as they can possibly be and those are the moments that you will look back at and floods of memories will come pouring back to you.

Nobody remembers the 'smile at the camera' moments right?

The best way that I can explain to people is that I want to capture your day as it happens, not control it. So i'll be there to capture you getting into your dress, the nervous smile of the groom as the bride walks down the aisle, the little tear when a family member stands to say some amazing words, the laughter, and even the drunken dancing. 

My style of photograph is quite colourful, i love lush greens and colours in the resulting photographs along with deep contrasts and beautiful light and a few random ideas thrown in! 



10 random things about me: 

1.    I have different coloured eyes 

2. Im really camera shy, which surprises a lot of people. I much prefer to hide behind it than be in front of it. 

3.  i'm an outdoor girl - I love hiking and being outdoors - which you've probably noticed with my photography

4.  I suffer from RBF - yes my face may look grumpy, but i'm not honestly - its just my face! 

5. I love needle felting!

6. Im quite heavily tattooed 

7. Im a crazy cat lady - well crazy animal lady in general

8. I have a degree in Construction Management

9. Rhubarb Gin is the best ever creation 

10.Im terrified of Fish.