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How to choose the right wedding photographer for you?


One thing i have noticed whilst being in the industry is the amount of people who have had bad experiences with their photographers, and have came to me in the hope that i can help them ‘rescue’ their wedding photographs because they a, don’t like them or b, got uncle bob to take them and they were a disaster. The sad fact is that no professional photographer will touch another photographers work. Copyright doesn't allow us to; therefor i thought i would put together my idea and quick guide of how to choose the right photographer for your wedding. Book early. Especially if you are getting married in prime ‘ wedding season’ ( June-September) this time of year is always busiest for us wedding photographers, and these are the dates that tend to book up 1-2 years in advance. As soon as you set a date, get hunting for the photographer that you want, and get asking about availability.


Styling. When you look at wedding photographs there will always be a style that particularly stands out to you. Do you like the old fashioned traditional approach? Or do you prefer the modern ‘photojournalistic’ relaxed approach? Whatever the style is that you like, ensure that you choose a photographer who's work reflects that. No two photographers will see your wedding in the same way, and thus wont capture it in the same way. This is what sets us apart from each other. Ensure that whomever you choose captures a story of your day, and really takes notice of all those little details and moments, that will go whizzing past you on the day. Ask to see a FULL WEDDING. This may sound a bit strange, but when you meet with a photographer, ask if you can see a full wedding, start to finish. It may be a bit tedious, but i believe it is exactly this that makes the professionals stand out from the ‘uncle bobs’. All photographers, myself included, put their BEST photographs on their website. Their website is their business card to the world, but viewing a full days work will show a photographers full capability. Ensure that their photographs have similar editing, the have all of the important factors of the day captured well. The first kiss, the cutting of the cake, the first dance... Personality.


This is such a big thing for me, and even as a photographer I have turned away clients who I feel I have no connection with. I learnt very early in my career that if you don't do this your asking for trouble. You MUST have a connection with your wedding photographer, otherwise how are they going to make sure that all the emotions you go through on your day are shown? This person is going to be with you on one of the most important days of your lives. Ask yourself when you meet with a photographer; · Do I like this person · Do I feel comfortable with this person · Do I trust this person · Are they professional Other than actually meeting them, another good way of finding out your photographers personality is by reading through testimonials and reviews, or even asking to speak to previous clients. Cost Cost is a large factor to a lot of potential bride and grooms, weddings are an expensive deal, and as a bride myself a few years ago I fully understand how hard it is to work to a budget. One thing I will say ( even though I sound utterly bias as a photographer) DO NOT scrimp on your photographer once you find the one you want. If they are a few hundred pounds more than you had budgeted, save, and don’t settle for second best- because you will never be truly happy with ‘second best’. Your wedding photographs are the only thing that you are going to have left after the day to remind you of everything that happened – is it really worth saving that few extra quid on? As I have mentioned earlier on that I have had so many clients come to me with huge regret that they scrimped on their wedding photographer, and were unhappy with the resulting photographs. If you wanted to get married in a stately home, would you be happy getting married in the local community center because it was a few hundred quid less? No? photography is exactly the same. Once you have had the first kiss, the cake cut, the first dance - it isn't something your going to be doing again ( hopefully) so it HAS to be right. There are no second chances. That doesn't mean that spending more is going to get you the best necessarily, do your reseach and choose the photographer who is right for you, and speak to them. Most photographers do a number of different package options to suit most budgets of their clients .


The boring stuff. Obviously you need to ensure that the photographer ( and professionals should have all this as standard) has professional equipment, and a back up in case of any hiccups. Do they use digital or film? Ensure they have all the relevant insurances. Ok. That’s basically it, my little ‘list’ is obviously not extensive, and others might disagree with what I say, but I believe the key to finding the right person for you is to ask as many questions as you can, and don’t feel embarrassed to ask away, or even bring a list of questions with you to a consultation. The more questions you ask upfront the more confident you can feel in your choice.

Good-luck!! x Jessy x

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