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New Stationary Yay!

So - Being a 30 year old geek - nothing gets me more excited than new things for my business! this week being a particularly good week due to new flashes, new triggers and some rather pretty new labels for my packages! yay - So i thought i would take a few moments to leave a bit of a review of the labels as Fastprint are a new company for me to use I like to give my honest thoughts and share my findings with others.

So here they are -


Cute huh!

So - not sounding as though im on commission or anything I have to say this company were pretty amazing with my order. Im a huge stickler for the speed and quality of items I order and these guys have checked every box for me so far. The labels are really lovely and as I wanted something to personalise and seal the envelopes and packaging that I send documents and packages to clients these were just the ticket.

Although I designed these myself Fastprint did also offer to creat the design for me should i wish - which is obviously a great thing for people who arnt into the whole designing aspect themselves.


The quality of the labels is great with brilliant clarity on the printing which i was a little dubious about. They have came out litterally crystal clear and when your using a photograph as an image on something that small thats a pretty iimportant aspect for me and its so easy for them to look cheap and flimsy. these dont. Another thingi liked is that they wernt rediculously sticky - i know that sounds a bit odd but i hate when i have to tear things in order to get into them - these lables are the perfect 'stickiness' to hold but also to peel them off in order to get into the envelope without tearing the label itself which is quite nice.


Price wise they are also pretty on the ball - yes you can always get some for £1.99 from ebay china but lets face it - they are pretty rubbish and im a true believer in you get what you pay for. I ordered small 3cm and the 5cm in round matt and your looking around £70 (aswell as free delivery) for 500 of each size - which will last for ages too! Happy jessy!!

Anyway - these guys dont just do labels they do flyers, business cards and all the other kind of things that us self emplyed people love to order - Go check them out http://www.fastprint.co.uk and get ordering! you wont be disapointed and if you order other items id love to hear your feedback!

Jessy x

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