• Jessy Jones

A Theatrical Wedding

Ive literally been like a an overexcited child waiting to share these wedding photos with you all!

As soon as Joe and Polly booked their wedding with me they said they wanted their couples shots to be 'different' and 'theatrical' well that was like waving a red flag to a bull... my little artistic inner self went into overdrive and these are the resulting images!

Anyway - after a wonderful church service with some of the best singing I've seen/heard (seriously your friends have the most amazing voices!!) we all went back to Polly's parents beautiful house in ‪Harlaxton‬ with Grandad Dennis' homemade jams and marmalades as thank you gifts for all, the smell of hog roast filled the air, possibly the most prosecco I've ever seen get drank, and Scottish dancing ( i can't fully remember the name) commenced, where the entire wedding party was up and swinging each other around! It was just incredible to watch. Generally a fabulous day all round.

Huge congratulations to Joe & Polly who are such a wonderful laid back couple! it was an absolute pleasure to photograph your big day and wishing you both all the love and happiness for the future.

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