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Fishtoft Church, Lincolnshire Wedding - Clare & Will

If rain on your wedding day brings you good luck as superstition states then Will and Clare are sure in for one hell of a marriage as there was thunder, lightening and pretty much a monsoon on their wedding day.

It was cold, wet and windy, but that never dampened this wedding day.

Wedding days are full of emotion and as a photographer you get to witness people with their emotions often laid bare, wether thats laughing at an embarrassing story during the speeches, the butterflies in their stomach, shedding a tear for a loved one who couldn't be with them on such an important day.. These are the things that I aim to capture for a bride and groom as these are the photographs that they will look back on and instantly feel something.

Will and Clare's big day was everything I love as a photographer - Lots of amazing people having fun, rammed full of personality and so much laughter I went home with jaw ache!

Will and Clare chose to get married at the beautiful Fishtoft Church here in Lincolnshire. I simply adore this church - this lighting is beautiful, its airy and there is a fabulous balcony to shoot from aswell which gives us two totally different perspectives for the bride and groom photography wise. Sadly we couldn't get many outdoor shots at the church as the weather didn't allow but we soon made up for that afterwards at the reception. Not many Bride and Grooms want to get wet on their wedding day, let alone ride on a tractor, stand out in thunder and lightening and trample across muddy carrot fields to get their shots. Hats off to these guys they did it all.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of my favourite images from Clare & Wills big day. If you would like to see more of my work, or discuss your own wedding ideas – contact me here.

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