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3 Boys & a special present for mums birthday

knowing what to buy your parents the older you get is a difficult task - Ive got parents, inlaws & step parents in my family so trying to think of unique presents for everyone that has a bit of thought to it is nothing short of a nightmare... These three brothers wanted a special gift for their mums 50th birthday, so whilst she was away on a holiday they rang me for some help, they wanted a photoshoot of them all together as a special surprise for mum... Fate would have it that I had an appointment available so I could get to them for the shoot!

They braved some pretty crazy winds to get these photos but needless to say they had the desired effect: Tears of joy from mum and one huge smile on her face!

Hope you had a fabulous birthday Carolyn!

Here are a few of my faves (One of which is now a whopping huge canvas hanging proudly on Carolyns wall) Aint they a handsome bunch!

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