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Amy & Mark - Market Rasen Farm Wedding

So, What do you do when you want an outdoor wedding and a church wedding as well? Well you do both of course! Amy and mark really wanted a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Marks parents amazing chicken farm near Nettleton in Market Rasen, but decided to do a very small and intimate church ceremony with their parents and closest friends at Nettleton Church before hand to ensure they got the best of both worlds.

The sun was absolutely beaming all day long and although we had a bit of wind, given that the days before was monsoon weather and gale force winds we really couldn't of asked for any better when your having an outdoor ceremony!

So, you really couldn't of got much more Lincolnshire style with their wedding, we had hay-bale seating, a 10ft hay-bale bride & groom, the families horse & cart, I got chucked up in a tractor bucket, we lost the grooms dad & brother to chicken farming, red arrow fly by's, Penalty shootouts... and the bride & groom were the most laid back couple i've ever had the pleasure to meet, they were amazing, and although Mark told me he hates having his photo taken ( with a passion) I think he secretly enjoyed it a little in the end - maybe that was the beer helping lol!

Here are some of my favourites from their fabulous wedding day. Huge congratulations you fabulous pair.

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