• Jessy Jones

Emma & Ross - Beautiful Stamford Wedding with a Danish twist

Well, What can i say about team Percy-Jones other than these guys know how to throw a wedding. This industry is all about personality, its what shapes your wedding day and makes it completely unique to you as a couple. Every wedding that i go to i feel as though i learn something new, and with the brides family having danish heritage it was amazing to see that they brought some of their traditions into their wedding day!

So this wedding I definitely learnt a few things that I absolutely loved...

Banging on the table, causing the entire room to join in, means the bride and groom have to stand up and have a smooch.

Speeches are a free for all.. If you want to say something stand up and say it!

Kransekage (Danish Wedding Cake) Is AMAZING – a tower of almond paste cookie rings. It is decorated beautifully with intricate sugar work on the outside and filled with sweets and chocolates.

You must go and introduce to everyone who you dont know at the wedding and have a little chat

Bride's veil is destroyed by the guests. It is done as it is believed that she won't need it anymore

Immediately after the first dance guests will take off groom's shoes then cuts the tips of his socks. They say that the cut tips are given to the bride who should then repair the socks and show that way that she is going to be a good wife - Personally id tell him to go buy some more lol!

Pretty amazing huh! Not only did these guys not let the rain dampen their day they smiled from start to finish. A true pleasure to photograph - Thank you so much for having me!

Here are a few of my favourites from the amazing day of Mr & Mrs Percy-Jones.

Traditional wedding Cake - Laila Fleming

Kransekage - Made by the brides mum

Service - Father Aran Beesley at Stamford All Saints Church

Camper Van - Arrive Vintage

Guitarist - Steve Bean

Flower bouquets - Stephanies Flowers

Church Flowers - Jan Marshall