• Jessy Jones

De Havilland Gardens - Evera Homes

I love photographing property - so being invited to photograph the new Evera Homes development in ramsey was a lovely change to my usual family and wedding photography.

very quick history lesson for you - The development is named after and inspired by British aviation pioneer, Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, and his famous De Havilland Mosquito that once flew from nearby RAF Upwood. When the plane entered service in 1941, it was the fastest of its kind in the world. Its ingenious design and construction earned it the nickname ‘The Wooden Wonder’ and it was the world’s first, true, multi-role combat aircraft - pretty cool huh?

AS you can see the houses are beautiful, and the show home is spectacular. I particularly love the flow of airforce theme throughout, even down to the RAF blue in the kitchen.

If you would like to find ut more information or check availability on the project you can find everything you need here: https://everahomes.co.uk/developments/de-havilland-gardens/

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