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Grandparents family photoshoot | Boston | Family Photography

Ive photographed the Russell-Daubney family a number of times now and they always bring fun to the table. Todays shoot was a gift for the grandparents who wanted some photographs as a family with their children and grandchildren - the perfect gift i say! What other gifts can you give that last forever? we went for a wander around the woodlands here in Boston in the wonderful late summer sunshine.

One thing i get asked a lot y parents is " what do we do if our child doesn't like having their photo taken?"

Well - it happens. theres nothing more random than giving a child a platform and asking them to perform - being a mum myself i know this all too well.

As parents we all want perfect Pinterest worthy photographs of our beaming children smiling faces dont we! Well, Lynsey's little boy isn't overly keen on having his photograph taken, which is absolutely fine. The best way to deal with this, through experience, is to stay calm and let them do it in their own time and why i always recommend doing an outdoor session if children don't like posing or having their photograph taken in general. .

With the outdoor sessions there isn't any scary lighting, no pressure and all importantly, distraction. So a bit of box jumping, bug hunting and running through the long grass and he warmed to the session, we even managed to capture some of his beautiful little smile! Success!

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