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My very first wedding - Argh

Although i'd imagine that most photographers wouldnt dream of bringing up their first ever wedding photographs years down the line, sometimes a photograph just sticks in your head. I couldn't resist sharing this one- even though its from my very first wedding 12 years ago (argh).

Needless to say ive learnt alot over the years since I took this photograph and my style has changed considerably however they were such a fun family to photograph, they knew I was new to the industry and to this day still promote me to everybody. I was so very privileged to be their wedding photographer - with their first dance to 'ive got a brand new combine harvester' I dont think ive giggled so much whilst trying to take a photo!

I really love it when a bride and groom dont take themselves too seriously and have a laugh - well at least they had pants on under their kilts I guess!


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