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Couples Photoshoots

Couples shoots - Engagement shoots - pre-wedding shoots;

whatever it is you want to call them; They are a relatively new thing in the world of wedding photography and I absolutely love them!

Its a very exciting time for a couple before they get married - Theres a bit of a buzz of anticipation about them and you're obviously crazily in love too which always comes across so beautifully in the photographs. 

Keeping it Natural..

A good thing about having a couples photoshoot before your big day is that it gives you a full insight into how it will be with you on your wedding day and people have often told me that its put them a little more at ease knowing what to expect.  Something I feel very strongly about in my photographs is that they represent YOU and not purely designed to be Pinterest perfect... so a lot of how I photograph you will be 'guiding' you into the poses rather than getting you to do weird unnatural things, whilst you think all your doing is talking to each other about what your doing later... I can be capturing the little looks you give each other, the smiles that naturally occur, the hand touches that you don't even realise you're doing....

Location Location Location.......

I've had couples have engagement sessions on the beach, in a woodland, at a farm, at your home - Think about where your most favourite place is, or somewhere of sentimental significance to you as a couple and lets see if we can make it work for a photo session. 

If you have your wedding venue already booked, some people like to use the same venue for their pre-wedding session to hunt out all the good photographic spots and get a feel for what they would like on the big day... The choice is entirely yours.

couple walking holding hands
engaged couple smiling kiss
couple sat under hydrangea tree
Couple walking hand in hand through a field
Couple laughing
Couple looking at each other
couple sat talking to each other
couple kiss on cheek
walking in the woods
two men embrasing
couple hugging dog
Couple sitting in flowers
Couple walking hand in hand through a forest
Couple looking at eachother
boy and girl embracing
couple hugging in the woods
Engaged couple looking at engagement ring

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