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Maternity Photoshoots - Reasons why you should book one.

Congratulations mama to be!!! t's a pretty crazy time being pregnant isn't it? between the hormone surges, sickness and body changes, the anticipation of your little ones impending arrival and your life is about to completely change.... You're now starting to count down the days till you can meet your little one and thinking about the journey that it's taken you to get to this point.

Pregnant lady on bed with family

Celebrating all your body can do.

Being a mum of twins, ill admit that I struggled in the last few months of pregnancy and the last thing that I would of considered was having photographs taken of my itchy, swollen tummy.... but its also something that I regret not doing.. the whole 9 months seems to be a blur which some days felt like an eternity of waiting, but now 13 years down the line, feels like it went by in the blink of an eye; which is why, although not for everybody,

I do believe that if it's an option for you... capture that beautiful body in all its maternal beauty and capture the memories of such an amazing moment of yours and your partners life.

Naked pregnant woman photoshoot

A chance to pamper yourself

Booking a maternity portrait session gives you a chance to have something fun to look forward to and to dress up for. You might even go and have a bit of a pamper to get ready for it; use it as an excuse to go all out! Have a manicure and a pedicure. Go and get your hair and makeup done, go shopping and buy yourself a new flowing dress, really treat yourself! This shoot is just as much about you, boosting your confidence and making you feel beautiful as it is about your beautiful growing bump.

Pregnancy photoshoot with black cloth

Including older siblings

If you already have children, Including them in the photos can make the experience even more special and create lasting memories for the whole family. Whether they are super excited or a little nervous about the arrival of their new baby brother or sister, including them in the photoshoot with you, gives them a chance to be part of the excitement and gives you all an experience to look back on together.

little boy touching mums pregnancy bump

Professional Photographs

Its very easy to snap away on your phone these days and thinking 'that will do' but having a professional shoot takes it to the next level and creates artwork that you can look at for years to come..

pregnancy photoshoot int he bath surrounded by flowers and leaves


Having a baby is an expensive time, theres no denying that. But as I say throughout my website i'm a firm believer that photographs are one of the only things that have the ability to capture a memory.

When people think of professional photography they instantly think that we are going to charge a small fortune for a photograph, which simply isn't the case. WE offer multiple packages which tend to cover most peoples budgets, and if you can't see what you're looking for never be afraid to ask!

maternity photoshoot with large black hat and black gown

If you would like to know more about the maternity sessions I offer or have any questions you can find more information HERE

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